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Titanium Tent Pegs Can Lessen Your Camping Load


A camping trip entails bringing along all the usual camping supplies (find here which camping equipment you need). This gear can start to get heavy and anything that will reduce the weight is valuable, especially if the campers plan to be moving their campsite several times. One easy way to reduce the burden is to use titanium tent pegs. There are pegs that are suitable for any size tent or terrain that will come into play. One especially effective stake is the skewer. Their weight is only 18.5 grams per stake. Being titanium, they have superior strength and are good to use in the most inhospitable terrain such as rocky areas. Campers who are going to be moving around as they hike or hunt do not have to worry about the terrain they will be pitching the tent on – these titanium tent pegs can handle any ground hardness.


Although titanium is a valuable metal the pegs are still quite reasonably priced at usually $3 per peg. Since they are lighter, including a few extras is not a weight problem – pegs seem to disappear for some reason and having insufficient could be a real problem if camping in a windy or awkward spot. This might be a particular problem with titanium tent pegs, because their usual coloration is gray, which blends in rather too well with the ground. They can be tough to spot and easy to overlook in a shadowy forested area or poor light. This is the only drawback – and not necessarily a problem if the camper can luck out and find some that are colored. One other important piece of gear is a rubber mallet. Use of a regular hammer or rock to pound the titanium tent pegs could ruin them, making them bend or even break.


This type of tent peg is available from several makers and are easy to locate, especially if ordering online on stores. The price is as reasonable and the pegs as easy to order online as at the local sporting goods outlet. However, if switching to them for the first time, ordering through a local retail store in person may be wiser, since it is important to make sure the tent pegs’ openings are the proper size for the particular tent tie-downs being used. There are plenty of titanium tent-peg kits for sale everywhere on the internet that have the different pegs plus the right tools for using them without damaging them when securing the tents in any kind of terrain.